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Gun store by Strikes and Cal Fitness

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    December 17, 2012 8:58:44 AM PST

    I was wondering this before and now after the terrible shooting in Connecticut, I am compelled to ask why there is a new gun shop in the same complex as Strikes Bowling, Coaches bar, and California Fitness?  Who thought that was a good idea?  How can we get this business moved? 

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    December 17, 2012 10:12:34 AM PST
    Too bad there is not a shooting range there, too. That would be nice.
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    December 17, 2012 11:15:31 AM PST
    The economy is really bad and landlords are hard up.

    Look at the center on Elk Grove Boulevard. The place is like a ghost town. They can't even get a gun store let alone a pizza place or sandwich shop. The only thing that will bail out that center is the new pharmacy school with 300 + students.

    The pharmacy school is THE best thing to happen to Stonelake / Laguna West.

    Won't see their students blaring stereos, pulling donuts in the center or spray painting graffitti.

    Once the students graduate they will be making 100,000 + per year and will hopefully stay in Stonelake and increase the values.

    All the problems like the punks smoking pot on Nestling and throwing rocks on Riparian will be a thing of the past because the punk's families will be priced out of the rental market and will have to move out.
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    December 17, 2012 12:58:45 PM PST
    calcanuck what is wrong with legal law abiding people owning guns? I do not have any myself, have no idea why people need or want them but it is a right.
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    December 17, 2012 1:54:32 PM PST
    calcanuck - thanks for the heads up! I'll go spend some money there right away...
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    December 17, 2012 2:47:20 PM PST
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    December 17, 2012 3:49:49 PM PST
    Why would we want it moved? As far as I know they have done nothing illegal.
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    December 17, 2012 4:20:03 PM PST
    I just have to say that the first post makes no sense to me. They did not cause the problems that Strikes was having. They are within their rights to be where they are. And as far as I know, they had no part in any of the shootings recently. So why is there a problem? I like guns, but that does not mean I am gonna go out and kill someone. I used to have a Cold Python .357 Magnum and it was a very nice weapon. I knew how to use it and clean it and not to take it out in the defense of my home unless I felt my life or the lives of my children were in danger. There are thousands upon thousands or responsible gun owners in this country that have never aimed their weapon at another human being and would not except for the most extreme circumstances. Why is it that when someone with Mental Health issues does something like the young man in Connecticut, everyone wants to remove the guns from law abiding people. There are places all over the country where, if you know the right people, and have enough money, you can buy any kind of gun you want...illegally, of course. All the laws in the world will only remove guns from law abiding folks and the bad guys that want guns will still and always be able to get them
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    December 17, 2012 4:20:40 PM PST
    Colt Python
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    December 17, 2012 5:09:25 PM PST
    Thank you EGO for restoring my view of our fair city.

    After Friday I was waiting for the anti-gun postings and the response to this post really surprised me.

    calcanuck - you are entitled to your opinon. I welcome open discourse on public safety.
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    December 17, 2012 7:49:13 PM PST
    An observation or two:

    Connecticut has some of the more stringent gun control laws - and that didn't prevent the massacre of all these children and adults.

    The first victim followed the law and had several weapons legally in her home. That didn't protect her from the actions of her own son nor others whom he slaughtered.

    I think it would be odd though , if folks didn't ask themselves about what can be done about gun violence.

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    December 18, 2012 7:19:39 AM PST
    I found this article an interesting read.....much that I agree with.
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    December 18, 2012 8:09:36 AM PST
    Sounds like I am the only one that would prefer a gun shop not be near a bar or family entertainment center. Interesting that many people piped in about a tattoo shop not be allowed in old town because of the "clientele" it would attract but guns stores no problem! Enjoy your guns then ya'll. God love America.
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    December 18, 2012 8:49:58 AM PST
    I go to Calfit all the time. I have actually stopped into the gun shop to check it out. I have not seen any "clientele" that would worry me. What are you seeing?
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    December 18, 2012 12:54:27 PM PST
    elkgrove2people said:
    The economy is really bad and landlords are hard up. Look at the center on Elk Grove Boulevard. The place is like a ghost town. They can't even get a gun store let alone a pizza place or sandwich shop. The only thing that will bail out that center is the new pharmacy school with 300 + students. The pharmacy school is THE best thing to happen to Stonelake / Laguna West. Won't see their students blaring stereos, pulling donuts in the center or spray painting graffitti. Once the students graduate they will be making 100,000 + per year and will hopefully stay in Stonelake and increase the values. All the problems like the punks smoking pot on Nestling and throwing rocks on Riparian will be a thing of the past because the punk's families will be priced out of the rental market and will have to move out.

    Wow. You are a genius. (Written with as much sarcasm as possible).

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    December 18, 2012 9:51:23 PM PST
    Violence, gun, or otherwise, has existed as long as mankind has. I agree that gun control laws, or any law for that matter, is insignificant or irrelevant when applying them to criminals on doing harm. These statutes only hinder a law abiding citizen's ability to protect him/herself. Criminals are laughing at us right now. They are saying, pass as many laws as you want, they don't apply to me.
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    December 18, 2012 9:55:35 PM PST
    meant to say bent on doing harm. I also wish there was an outdoor range in EG. for now, it's Ione or Rancho Cordova. FYI, a new gun shop opened recently near Walgreens at laguna/franklin blvds. check it out.
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    December 19, 2012 1:29:19 AM PST

    I don't see the danger of having a gun store next to a bar-it's not like a drunk person could go into the gun store and buy a gun right on the spot. You have to pass a written test and there is a ten-day waiting period. I would think said drunk person would have sobered up by then.

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    December 19, 2012 8:08:48 AM PST
    We have had many problems at Strikes and none at the gun store. Where is the outrage about the "clientele" at Strikes?
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    December 19, 2012 9:37:00 AM PST
    Well said, EGDad.
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    December 19, 2012 9:51:17 AM PST
    As a gun owner, I feel that I am a responsible person doing the right thing. With that said, I also see nothing wrong with the location of this gun store for the various reasons others have posted here. (no need to repaet them all).
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    December 19, 2012 10:08:43 AM PST
    I think I feel the safest inside a gun store than at the supermarket.

    God bless those families and people affected by the Connecticut tragedy.
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    December 19, 2012 5:50:10 PM PST
    Hey EGDAD, my hubby and I go to Strikes. We like to enjoy the bands on Friday and Sat nights.
    Solsa & the Midnight Players are our favorites! We have never had any problems there with anyone. So describe "clintele" ????
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    December 19, 2012 8:28:11 PM PST
    How are the prices. I saw the sign but never stopped in.
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    December 20, 2012 7:39:52 AM PST
    momof3 said:
    Hey EGDAD, my hubby and I go to Strikes. We like to enjoy the bands on Friday and Sat nights. Solsa & the Midnight Players are our favorites! We have never had any problems there with anyone. So describe "clintele" ????
    I was responding to calcanuck's comment in post 13 about gun store "clientele". The point I was making is that Strike's is one of the places Calcanuck wants to protect from gun store "clientele", yet Strike's has had their share of police calls and assaults. Where is Calcanuck's outrage there?
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    December 20, 2012 7:49:46 AM PST
    I feel so macho and adequate living with a gun store in my city.....
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    December 20, 2012 8:49:31 AM PST
    For your information, there is another one behind Walmart at the corner of Franklin & Laguna Blvd.

    Proud guns owner and NRA member.
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    December 20, 2012 9:35:14 AM PST
    kzap, do you know the name of it? I tried to google it so I could go check it out and could NOT find anything. And do you mean Walgreens?? At Franklin and Laguna??
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    December 20, 2012 10:12:19 AM PST
    Princess, my bad it's Walgreens NOT Walmart. It's right behind Walgreen (the one at the corner of Franklin and Laguna) and it's a small shop like the one near Strike. I think it called CS Tactical. And yes they are out of AR15 like everywhere else.
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    December 20, 2012 7:31:31 PM PST
    Thanks kzap, I'm tickled pink (no pun), now I have 3 stores in Elk Grove to haunt :):):). I am outfitting myself in pink gun wear, hahaha, my carrying case is even pink, but I'm always up for new stuff.
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    December 20, 2012 7:41:37 PM PST
    Pink which store is your favorite? I love Wild Bills...
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    December 21, 2012 7:26:39 AM PST
    FYI - Walmart has very good price on ammo for plinking. I always get my .40 and buckshot there and I'm stocking up. You'll never know what's going to happen with all the gun laws that they're introducing.
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    December 21, 2012 8:16:14 AM PST
    Fiona, Wild Bills is my favorite too, love that little guy that works in there. He's always pointing out the pink stuff when I show up, hahaha.
    Kzap, I like Walmart ammo when they have good prices for 9mm, but let me tell you something, Dr. Bubba went to a gun show and bought ammo really inexpensivley and trust me when I say, he will NEVER do that again, It toally messed with our guns, major misfires and such. It was like the ammo was so dirty or something and cleaning our guns was NO fun after using it. So be aware of ammo at gun shows.
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    December 21, 2012 8:49:15 AM PST
    Thanks for the headup about ammo at gunshow. Have fun plinking and be safe.
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    December 21, 2012 9:16:54 AM PST
    I've had good luck with reloads from the Ammo Depot...
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    December 21, 2012 1:29:34 PM PST
    Elk Grove has high rental rates. Gun shops...are they found in upscale neighborhoods? The pharmacy school has been put on hold..not sure when that will open. If our city leaders get the SOI through...look for more rentals, decline in neighborhoods, and current homeowners will continue to see declines in home values; this is what happens with urban sprawl. We have 900 Section 8 homes within our city. I don't think pharmacy school graduates alone can make a neighborhood better. Not all young people misbehaving come out of rental homes. Mayor Davis wants stronger neighborhoods maybe he has some solutions to what is happening along Riparian and Nestling. So if you think there is to much empty retail ect...within our current city boundaries just wait...
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    December 21, 2012 2:33:57 PM PST
    El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Folsom and Rocklin they all have gun shops. Lynn, do you familiar with Serrano in El Dorado Hills, there is a first class gun shop within 3 miles of Serrano.
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    December 21, 2012 4:02:09 PM PST
    I thought the pharmacy school is slated to open in 2014 after their lease in Rancho Cordova runs out.
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    December 21, 2012 6:31:27 PM PST
    Thanks for the info...where are they located within the cities you mentioned? What businesses are nearby? I wasn't sure when the pharmacy school is opening, however I believe the issue in Rancho Cordova was around accreditation and not lease issues.
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    December 21, 2012 6:32:29 PM PST
    The city leaders did not give a date for opening of the pharmacy school just stated it had been delayed.
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    December 21, 2012 9:43:07 PM PST
    They received their accreditation according to the website.

    Their students had a very high pass rate (98.6%) on the national exam.

    They own the building. Hope they move in by 2014.
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    January 9, 2013 2:11:36 PM PST
    CS Tactical doesnt even sell guns, just accessories, unless their website isnt finished or something.
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    January 10, 2013 11:43:26 AM PST
    I stopped by the store last month and indeed they do sale guns even AR15. I almost ordered a Windham from them.
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    January 22, 2013 1:03:43 PM PST

    A firearms store is a legitimate business just like any other. What is the problem here??

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    January 25, 2013 8:26:22 AM PST
    The "clientele" it attracts are your neighbors with jobs and money to spend. Plenty of retired peace officers too. The thugs buy them on the streets or steal them.
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    January 25, 2013 2:39:35 PM PST
    I can't help myself I have to chime in. You have heard this all before BUT. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Yes another one of those sayings we get tired of of hearing BUT its the truth. Please no more gun laws until we as a nation all get on the same page with the laws that are already on the books and NOT unforced. The young boy that caused that tragedy in Sandyhook was emotionally damaged. Everyone one who knew him or met him knew there was a damaged soul within his spirit. He was mentally unstable and the people who were suppose to love and care for him were NOT there for him. Are society does not want to deal with the mentally unstable and or emotionally disturbed people. We need to find a way to work with individuals who have been emotionally damaged. You know you might even know someone who fits this description. We do not reach out to those who look scary act scary and do scary things. We really don't have the resources as a civil society to handle these individuals. These type of people will kill or harm others with any means they can because they are angry and are not in the right mind. How about all the people who have stabbed, drowned or suffocated their loved ones mostly children in the name of god. Sad. How about the bombs that created to kill government people. How about the use of a car as a weapon. Guns do not kill people. People kill people. Lets try to use kinder words and a softer touch with those people who seem lost or left behind. Lets try to find some kindness for those who have lost there way and have been rejected by loved ones. No no no I'm NOT trying to save the world. I just don't want anyone taking my rights away and especially the right to protect myself from the people whom I am taking about. The politicians are making more gun laws because its much easier to do then to address the truth of the issue of guns. Ok I'm done ill get off my soap box. But I have to say that felt good to share. Don't take my gun away. I'm here to protect.
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    January 25, 2013 3:47:20 PM PST
    Everyone knows that guns do not kill people. If I took my .357 mg. revolver out of the gun safe, loaded it, cocked, and laid it on a table somewhere it would be there for a 1,000 years and more and would harm no one unless some criminal picked it up and did something wrong with it. Just like a criminal could piick up a knife, baseball bat, etc., and commit some violent crime with such objects. Those folks pretending not to understand that guns do not kill people have subversive motives for additional gun control; political, ideaology; some inordinate fear of firearms. Criminals pay no mind to gun laws; probably could care less that they exist? Folks in favor of more gun control on law abiding citizens seem to forget there is a document in Washington DC called the United States Constitution; 2nd Amendment, Bill of Rights, which the United States Supreme Court ruled recently in the Heller decision that the right to keep and bear arms is a right held by all law abiding USA citizens.
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    January 25, 2013 4:00:56 PM PST
    Sounds like you and I are on the same wave length Prodigy. Touché. What do we do next though to get through to our government. I would be willing to help come up with something to help the ones who really need the help. And keep the guns out of the hands of criminals who are not the people who I was mentioning above in my post. That's a whole other area we need to correct. Why is it so hard for individuals to do the right thing and stop selling firearms to criminals?
    I remember a law that said if you were involved in a crime that had a weapon/firearm involved it was to enhance the time served. Oh but you have to be convicted to make that law work. I'm just saying another law that doesn't work all the time. Can you imagine how out of control America would be if our rights to bear arms were taken away from us. Scary thought.
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    January 25, 2013 7:46:06 PM PST
    BBW1404: I find it helpful when speaking with persons who are adament gun controllers, to make clear what the Consitution means.
    2nd Amendment: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary for the Security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,
    shall not be infringed." Why would the Framers of the Constitution write it as they did? You have to go back in history to understand the mindset of the Framers. In England, in the 1660's, the were two Kings named James.
    England was Catholic and the Pope exterted tremendous authority. There were problems with the Protestants in the outlying areas of the Country. The first James, and then the next one, sent the British Army out to disarm them, taking away which was an absolute right under the law at the time; that being the right keep and bear arms for self defense, defense of home, defense of family and others, hunting, defense of country. It took a long, long time for word to get around in the 1600's, but when it did there was a hue and cry against the King(s), even by the Catholics. Catholics may have thought they were next? In 1689 there was an Act passed into law in England; the English Bill of Rights. It contains most if not all of the Rights which are in our Constitution. The English Bill of Rights severly attacked the late King James the 2nd for his abuses. The entire Bill is lengthy. Here are just three lines from it. "An Act Declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subject and Settling the Succession of the Crown." "By causing several good subjects being Protestants to be disarmed at the same time when papists were both armed and employed contray to law." "That the subjects which are Protestants may have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law." Another words, ALL citizens had the right to keep and bear arms, "Suitable to there conditions (defense country, defense of self and family and others). When the Colonies in North America were established these laws were in place and there was an absolute right to keep and bear arms for hunting, defense of the Colonies (Militias), defense of ones self and family and others. This was the mindset of the Framers of the Constitution when it was set into law on Sept. 17, 1787. On Sept. 25, 1789, the first ten amendments, the Bill of Rights, was placed into the Constitution. Why mention 'Militia" and not mention the other rights connected with keeping and bearing arms. Because there was a great intense discussion among the Framers regarding having a standing army authorized by the Constitution, some fearing the government could us the Army to abuse the citizens. Some wanted just Militias. They decided to have both. The standing army is authorized in the Constitution. Militia is specifically mentioned in the 2nd Amendment to make sure the Army was in addition to the Militia and did not replace it. "The right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed," If the 2nd Amendment said that alone it would cover Militias, just like it covers all other reason, but the Framers had to make sure that the Army did not take the place of the Militia.
    Courts over the last couple of Centuries and Recent decades have construed the 2nd Amendment totally wrong, probably because they are ignorant of the history behind it and the mindset of the Framers. The Recent Heller decision got it right, basing in part their decision on the history of the right to keep and bear arms. I have read the entire Heller decision text. It could have gone further, but it went a long way to putting forth the truth about the meaning of the 2nd Amendment.
    And, there is no need to worry about the Government engaging in such abuse as to taking our guns away. There are tens of millions of We the People who legally own firearms. It just would not be tolerated.
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    January 26, 2013 8:03:00 AM PST
    Prodigy thank you for that brief history on the 2nd amendment. I appreciate the the time you took to explain it. I guess what is needed to be said now is how do we make this gun issue safe and legal for everyone. I understand that a gun store near an area where there is a larger population of young people might not have been a great choice but as long as the store remains honest and sells only to legal and authorized individuals then the store should be able to stay. We need to enforce the law of selling legal weapons. And we don't need to sell assault rifles to anyone. That's for the service and the defense of our nation. They should be illegal.