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Xfinity vs SureWest?

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    December 29, 2011 1:22:02 PM PST

    Due to the cost and increased programming with their bundle, we are considering switching to Xfinity Comcast from Surewest for cable, phone and internet. Surewest has been great with no disruptions of service and good customer service but the savings is significant enough we need to consider a change.

     I'm looking for feedback, good or not, from Xfinity users.



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    December 29, 2011 4:57:09 PM PST
    I had Comcast internet once. It was fine but I had an average of 1 outage per week. The TV service sucked.
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    December 29, 2011 4:58:14 PM PST
    One more thing about the internet outages. Comcast's DNS servers suck. I did find that once I used alternative root DNS servers belonging to Verizon I had minimal issues.
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    December 29, 2011 8:51:51 PM PST
    I've only had Comcast for about a year, but I haven't had a single cable or internet outage in that time. I had good experience with their techs for set-up. They arrived at the beginning of the two hour window which was nice. I stream netflix movies often over my wifi and have not have any problems.

    Overall I'm happy with them.
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    December 30, 2011 3:59:06 AM PST
    I have had Comcast for nearly 2 years now and there has not been one thing that has happened that was not immediately addressed by them and fixed. I have only had minor problems and no problems since my apartment was re wired. I think they are fantastic
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    December 30, 2011 9:53:17 AM PST
    We switched from Surewest in October after being with Comcast for 3 years. The cost ended up being slightly less, but I was having internet outages regularly and the dropped calls were daily! I work from home, and it was becoming a problem that everyday I would be on a call with someone and suddenly the line would go out. So far we have absolutely no issues with Surewest!
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    December 30, 2011 11:20:07 AM PST
    I know a business owner on Elk Grove Blvd in the Old Town area who had Comcast at his business and he mentioned problems with the phone all the time. He switched to Surewest and has had ZERO issues in the past 3 years. I did a comparison between costs on Comcast's website yesterday and found that they want you to do a 2 year contract, no thanks. I can live with a 12 month price lock but no 2 year contract. In the end Comcast appeared to have a higher cost for internet half the speed of what I have with Surewest and other similar services.
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    December 30, 2011 11:51:17 AM PST
    We have had Comcast/Xfinity for 5 years with no problems. They even have an APP linked to your DVR. If you forget to record a program you can do it from your phone. Pretty cool.
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    December 30, 2011 11:52:03 AM PST

    Thanks to all for your responses. They were very helpful. My thoughts after putting a pencil to all costs involved are that Comcast will save us about $40 a month and provide more programming but the potential frustration of dealing with problems we don't currently have with Surewest and slower internet makes me want to stay with Surewest.

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    December 31, 2011 9:09:35 AM PST

    If everyone wants to save money, I canceled cable TV and use an antenna and get 21 channels.  All anttena signals are digital and Hi-Def and it is free.  I have high speed internet with Comcast and use netflix streaming.  No lan limes, just cell so my total monthly cost for all is less then $50 / month including internet, cell & netflix.  Cable and dish have hundreds of channels but most are worthless. 

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    January 1, 2012 10:23:40 AM PST
    Hiddenhollow: That sounds perfect to me. Where do you buy an antenna for digital TV? HomeDepot, Orchard Supply, Best Buy? Is it difficult to install? I heard about this years ago, but they said you have to install it in the attic and run lines down through the walls to each TV. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    January 1, 2012 5:09:07 PM PST
    Hiddenhollow: Wow, less than $50/month! What internet speed do you have with comcast?
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    January 1, 2012 5:30:49 PM PST


    One other thing to consider is that Surewest is a local company vs. the monster Kabletown company known as Comcast. I can't speak to the quality of the Hidef picture quality with Comcast, but I know Surewest's picture quality is second to none. I personally would never use Comcast, but that is my opinion only.

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    January 1, 2012 5:51:38 PM PST

    Only use an antenna that sits on my entertainment center that I got from Best Buy.  I use 12 mbps for the internet.  Again, no cable bill and better picture since all signals are now digital. 

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    January 2, 2012 7:24:20 AM PST
    Thanks Hidden!
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    January 2, 2012 3:38:29 PM PST
    Yeah I used to do that.. I have an over the air HD receiver that was pretty good. I would supplement by downloading TV shows off the internet however I got tired of little selection so I added cable to my package.
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    January 2, 2012 4:07:11 PM PST
    I am in similar boat as hiddenhollow. Comcast internet would go out almost daily in the morning so we switched to Surewest a few years ago and haven't had a problem at all. It was hard at first getting off of cable tv but we haven't had cable for a while now and except for ESPN for me and Food network/HGTV for wife, we don't really miss cable at all. We just don't have time to watch that much tv. I believe we are paying $52/month for 16MB/s internet.
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    January 2, 2012 9:14:53 PM PST
    Given what I'm paying to Surewest, DirecTV, Netflix, etc., I would love to disconnect from these pay services, but would face a mutiny from the wife and kiddies. You'd find my lifeless corpse dangling from the satellite dish.